The Reading Framework: Supporting Children at Risk of Reading Failure

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 4 modules
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Welcome to The Reading Framework: Supporting children at risk of reading failure. This course will introduce you to the importance of reading in teaching the foundations of literacy through the following sections: 

The course is separated into four modules of learning:

Module One: What Does Reading Failure Look Like?
In this module, you will consider exactly what we mean when we discuss reading failure. We will revisit the importance of strong literacy skills in a child’s education and explore the impact of failure in learning to read. We will identify the reading milestones a child should meet and the aims and objectives that relate to literacy standards. We will also consider some of the attitudes or behaviours that a child might display as they experience difficulties with reading.

Module Two: Factors Affecting the Risk of Reading Failure
In this module, you will be introduced to the range of factors that might put a child at an increased risk of reading failure. We will explore each of the different factors and how and why they might impact a child as they learn to read. We will also consider some of the beliefs and misconceptions that might be held about overcoming these barriers and the ways that schools and teachers can ensure that they challenge these. 

Module Three: How to Assess Pupils’ Needs
In this module, we will highlight the important role that assessment plays in supporting those at risk of reading failure. We will identify the different ways that a child might experience difficulty when learning to read and how this might present itself. We will also explore how regular assessment can be used to monitor progress and review the support that is put in place for pupils. 

Module Four: Planning and Implementing Support
In this module, we will identify practical strategies that school leaders and teachers should put in place to support their pupils at risk of reading failure. We will highlight the factors that should be considered when planning the support that will be put in place. We will also explore the ways that teachers and other adults can support the children as they fill any gaps in their reading development and develop improved literacy.

Study time: 90 mins.