Primary Maths: Developing Number Sense in Learners

   1 CPD points
 4 modules
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About the presenter: Alison Borthwick is our expert presenter. She is a mathematics adviser, lecturer, researcher, qualified teacher, author and learner. Her career has spanned primary, secondary, HEI and advisory roles. She is chair of the primary ATM and MA group, a member of the primary contact group for ACME, and a member of the Early Childhood Mathematics Group. She is also a STEM ambassador and a governor.

Alison has written several books and articles, including her most recent publications: The Trainer Toolkit (2020) and Reasons to Reason across Primary Maths and Science (2018).  She also writes for UK and international journals and has presented papers around the world.

This course is separated into four modules of learning:

Module One: What is Number Sense and Why Does it Matter?
Module one builds your awareness and understanding of what number sense is and why it matters. We also explore what happens when learners do – and do not – use number sense to help them solve numerical questions.

Module Two: Components of Number Sense
In module two, we explore what makes up the different components associated with number sense. We learn that these components are all connected, and we often use several of them to solve one question or problem.

Module Three: Developing Number Sense in the Classroom
In the third module, we explore how we might create the right classroom conditions for number sense to develop. We consider different styles of teaching, learning and think about which ones are helpful and which ones hinder number sense. We also look at the different types of tasks we can give learners that will allow them to use number sense to solve problems.

Module Four: Using Number Sense
In the final module you are given the opportunity to use and develop your own number sense. You will be able to apply some of the theory to help embed strategies and approaches for using number sense.

Study time: 60 mins