Infection Control in Education

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 3 modules
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This course has been written to introduce the topic of Infection Control and help individuals to develop an understanding of what exactly Infection Control is and why it is important to be managed within a workplace environment. 

A workplace environment is any building or location where there are employees or even the self-employed such as factories, schools, hotels, hospitals, contractors working on domestic properties etc. 

This 30-60 minute CPD-accredited course has been written by health and safety professionals. 

This course is separated into three modules of learning:

Module One: Introduction to Infection Control
In this module, we will be setting the scene regarding Infection Control by introducing what this entails and why it is important within any workplace environment, including within an educational environment. 

Module Two: The Chain of Infection
In this module, we will be looking at the concept of the Chain of Infection. This module will hopefully help you to understand what an infectious disease is and give some examples, look at where the infections come from, what it needs to thrive, how it could be transmitted again and again,  and what steps can be applied to prevent the growth or spread of such a disease. 

Module Three: Legislation Requirements of Employers
What does the legislation require employers to do to ensure the Health and Safety of their employees and non-employees: Using the coronavirus epidemic we will look at how the hierarchy of controls described in the COSHH Regulations and the guidance provided by the UK Government fit within this legal framework when used within Educational establishments by looking at the Hierarchy of Control questionnaire. We will then undertake a final knowledge check to consolidate our learning. 

Study time: 30-60 mins