Framing Learning Through Objectives and Outcomes

   1 CPD points
 4 modules
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This course is focused on the use of learning objectives and outcomes to support the delivery of high-quality teaching and tuition. The content of this course is suitable for any teacher or tutor seeking to develop their knowledge and understanding of the effective use of learning objectives and outcomes. It is also suitable for colleagues working in education support roles looking to upskill in this area.

The course is separated into four modules of learning:

Module One
This module focuses on what learning objectives and outcomes are and the differences between them. In addition, it provides an opportunity for us to consider the true value of using objectives and outcomes in lessons and tuition for the benefit of students. We will take time to reflect on the contrasting views of professionals regarding the use of objectives and outcomes whilst clarifying the position of The Thirsty Scholars Partnership and Connex Education Partnership towards them.

Module Two
What does a great objective look like? How can we construct clear and concise outcomes? This module provides practical tips for those looking to develop their writing of objectives and outcomes. We will explore what makes a quality objective or outcome and what to avoid. This module will introduce Bloom’s Taxonomy as a helpful tool for educators to refer to when searching for the perfect verb or command word for their objectives and outcomes.

Module Three
In this module, participants will have the opportunity to reflect on their current use of learning objectives and outcomes. Simply reading the statements aloud to students at the start of a lesson or tuition session is unlikely to engage students and support them to really consider what they mean. We will review a selection of quick and easy ways that teachers and tutors can make their objectives and outcomes part of an activity which promotes active learning and engagement amongst students.

Module Four
The final module in this workshop is designed to support teachers and tutors in appreciating the value of learning objectives and outcomes in measuring student progress throughout a planned session. We will start by considering why it is important for teachers and tutors to maintain an accurate view of how their students are progressing throughout a session, followed by exploring a set of quick and easy ways to measure progress against learning objectives and outcomes.

Study time: 45 minutes