Establishing Classroom Routines and Expectations: Growth Mindsets

   1 CPD points
 3 modules
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The aim of this session is to develop your understanding of how to establish routines and expectations in your classroom. It is applicable to educators in any setting. Regardless of learner age or phase, a learning environment with a culture of high expectations and embedded routines is necessary. 

This course is separated into three modules of learning:

Module One: The Importance of Routines and Expectations
In this module, we will explore the importance of routines and expectations. Routines can create a positive and motivating climate in the classroom. High expectations can improve pupil behaviour at both a classroom and school level. 

Module Two: Mindset is Key
In this module, we will consider the importance of teacher and learner mindset. As teachers, we can change learner mindsets, through our actions, routines, and expectations of them all in our classrooms. 

Module Three: Establishing Routines
In this module, we will explore the ‘how’ behind establishing and maintaining routines so that you can set up learners for success in your classroom and beyond. If you have effective routines, learners will follow them consistently and efficiently, maximising time for learning.

Study Time: 60 mins