Educators Seven Habits of Success: What is Great Listening and Why It Matters

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In this webinar, we explore the habits or "Eduhabits" that educators need to develop to thrive and achieve success.  Educators listen, but the extent to which they listen with intent and listen to understand varies.  Making time to listen to people and being genuinely interested in what they are saying can have a significant impact.  When educators don't listen, it can result in frustration, negativity and conflict.  

This workshop unpacks what great listening looks like and why it matters more than ever in your schools and when teaching and leading.   Helen Morgan, a successful, independent education consultant, hosts this workshop.  Helen provides expert, high-quality support in a range of UK and international contexts.  She is a lead consultant, coach, and trainer with The Classroom Partnership, Cambridge International, ECIS and the High Performance Learning and Ambition Institute.  Helen is also a regular speaker at international conferences and events. 

Study time: 30 mins.