Early Career Teachers - Making Metacognition Work in Your Classroom

   1 CPD points
 3 modules
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This online course will discuss metacognition and how we make that work in the classroom and explores how we translate the theory of metacognition into actual practice to make it appear less abstract and more concrete to allow teachers to feel more in control of the practice in their classrooms. Learners are encouraged to think about their own context and how they might use or adapt some of the strategies discussed in this session.

This course is separated into three modules of learning:

Module One: Metacognition Definitions and Phases
Develop our understanding of what metacognition is and to be sure that we’re secure with it.

Module Two: Metacognition Phases Two and Three
Consider why should we bother with metacognition, what it impacts, why it matters and why it is gaining traction in educational circles.

Module Three: Metacognition Strategies and Top Tips
To comprehend how to move our understanding of the theory of metacognition into practice and how to make it work in a positive and productive way.

Study time: 60 mins.