COSHH Awareness of School Hazards 

   1 CPD points
   4 modules
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This course will help individuals understand what COSHH is, what is required by the legislation and how it actually applies within the workplace. Many people assume that COSHH is just about chemicals and that it applies only to chemical manufacturers or processes that use chemicals. Items that fall under the COSHH legislation can be found in use in every workplace and this course will explain how to identify such items. It will explain the steps required to be compliant with the legislation in a logical sequence to enable an educational establishment (or any other business) to manage these items.

This 30-60 minute CPD accredited course has been written by health and safety professionals and is approved by RoSPA to ensure compliance with UK Health and Safety Legislation.

This course is separated into four modules of learning:

Module One: Introduction to COSHH
In this module, we will be setting the scene regarding COSHH by introducing what COSHH actually represents and explaining why it is important within any workplace environment, including within an educational environment.

Module Two: Hazardous Substances
Module two will explore specific examples of substances that are considered to be hazardous to health and will also consider the substances that are not covered under COSHH.

Module Three: Routes of Entry
Module three will be reviewing the main routes of entry to the human body and thus hazardous to health through the four main routes of Ingestion, Inhalation, Skin absorption, and eyes.

Module Four: COSHH Legislation & the Employer
Module four will take a look at the COSHH requirements of an employer, what the potential health hazards are that such substances can cause and where in an educational environment COSHH would apply. It will also look at what information is contained within a Safety Data Sheet (SDS), previously known as Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDS), to help employees obtain the correct information in order to write their COSHH risk assessments to provide their employees with the most relevant information.

Study time: 60 mins