Certificate in Sustainability and Climate Education

   3 CPD points
 5 modules
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Climate change and sustainability are two of the hottest topics currently being discussed, debated, and deliberated globally. But what do these two key concepts mean for you, your pupils, and your wider community?

This course is designed for anybody working in an education setting who would like to know more about what climate change and sustainability are, and how they relate to education. It is the responsibility of educators to ensure that children and young people are well informed about the future health of the planet and empowered to make good decisions. To facilitate the best possible climate and sustainability education, educators need to have an accurate understanding of what each are, why they matter and the expectations of the Department for Education’s Sustainability and Climate Change Strategy.

Completion of this course will provide participants with an understanding of:

·        Why climate and sustainability education matters to education.

·        What climate change and sustainability are.

·        The Department for Education’s vision for climate and sustainability education.

·        Resources to support the delivery of climate and sustainability education.

·        How to develop your school’s Climate Action Plan.