Awareness of Understanding Autism

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 4 modules
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This course is separated into four modules of learning:

Module One: Introduction to Autism
This module covers the definition and prevalence of Autism in the UK. We also explore how Autism is diagnosed and the different aspects of the disorder, and the terms associated with these aspects.

Module Two: Four Key Areas of Difference
In this module, we explore the four key areas of difference relating to an autism diagnosis. These are social understanding, sensory processing, interests and information processing and communication. For each area, we will look at strengths and challenges and common traits you may notice in the pupils you are supporting.

Module Three: Person-Centred Approaches
In this module, we explore person-centred approaches, particularly the principles of inclusion and best practice for all. We provide links to formal approaches enabling further positive inclusion in classrooms and many suggestions for informal approaches. We also encourage self-reflection on your own good practice and how to best support the pupils in your care.

Module Four: Reducing Anxiety for Autistic Pupils and Enabling Environments
In this module, we explore the physical environment of your school or setting and consider how some areas of the buildings or environment can cause stress, anxiety and meltdown for your autistic pupils. We consider what a reasonable adjustment may look like and how to achieve this to better support your autistic pupils in school.

Study Time: 60 mins