Awareness of Female Genital Mutilation (FGM) KCSIE 23 UPDATED

   1 CPD points
   4 modules
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This Female Genital Mutilation e-learning course provides an awareness and understanding of what FGM is and its identifyable signs, as well as what to do in the event of having a concern regarding a girl being a victim of FGM. It aims to provide tools to prepare learners prior to undertaking any training in relation to FGM. Learners should be warned that due to the nature of this course, there may be issues discussed which are sensitive and may be upsetting to some learners.

Trigger Warning

The content within this course deals with sensitive and, on occasion, difficult topics around safeguarding and, as a result, may cause you to trigger some feelings or emotions that are upsetting. Due to the nature of safeguarding training, these topics need to be discussed

There may be lists or examples given of categories of early childhood trauma, including sexual and physical violence and neglect. Please feel free to leave the course if a particular subject triggers you and seek help and support when necessary. 

This course is separated into five modules of learning:

Module One: Definition and Impact of FGM
In this module, we are going to explore what FGM is and what the effects of FGM are on victims. We will also look at some of the things that people say and ask about FGM and learn some more helpful ways to support survivors of FGM.

Module Two: Origin and Practice of FGM
In this module, we will look at the origins of FGM and try to understand why different cultures practice FGM. We will also look at what different terms are used other than FGM.

Module Three: FGM and UK Law
This module will tackle some common myths surrounding FGM and will explore facets of UK law as it pertains to FGM and reporting concerns in practice.

Module Four: Identifying the Signs of FGM
In this module, we detail what to look out for, which may be signs you would notice in a girl that might have had FGM. 

Module Five: Support, Signposting and Further Resources
In this last module, we are looking at what support is available for us as professionals as well as to survivors of FGM. 

Study time: 90 mins