Awareness of Equality, Diversity and Inclusion within an Educational Setting

   1 CPD points
  4 modules
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Equality and Diversity should be at the very heart of any school system. Staff, students and the wider school community should be able to work in an environment that provides the same opportunities for all – regardless of age, race, gender or any other protected characteristic. This course provides an overview of equality and diversity within an educational setting. 

Module One: Definitions of Equality and Diversity
Module one provides an introduction and overview of the concepts of equality and diversity and provides important definitions and distinctions upon which the rest of the course is built.

Module Two: Key Legislation
Module two discusses the key legislation surrounding the development of important equality and diversity policies in the UK. There is particular attention paid to the Equality Act 2010 and its importance and application in schools with information on OFSTED policies and expectations for schools. 

Module Three: The Impact of Prejudice and Discrimination
Module three provides an understanding of how to define and identify prejudice and discrimination in a school or workplace including the nine protected characteristics communicated in the Equality Act 2010. This module will take a look at the different types of prejudice and discrimination and its impact on children. 

Module Four: How to Support Inclusive Practices
Module four provides methods to support inclusive practices when working with children and young people along with information, advice and support about equality and diversity. 

Study time: 60 mins