Awareness of Effective Cover Supervision

   1 CPD points
   3 modules
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This course is separated into four modules of learning:

Module One: Preparing to Take Over (Part 1)
In this module, you will consider what is a Cover Supervisor actually entails whilst also thinking about the kind of psychological preparation required to take over a class effectively. This module covers the first two aspects of that preparation, namely what is involved in classroom management and how the Cover Supervisor’s attitude affects what can be achieved.

Module Two: Preparing to Take Over (Part 2)
In this module, you will consider two further aspects of how to prepare effectively for the role of Cover Supervisor. In this module, they will learn what they ‘are’ and ‘are not’ responsible for whilst in the classroom and reflect on the idea of how they gain the status required to project an effective level of authority. They will also learn to use a recognised reflection tool to ensure continuing professional development on the job.

Module Three: Communication in the Classroom (Part 1)
We will think more deeply in this module about the experience that the cover supervisor has when covering a lesson with the students. So far, we have learned a great deal about ‘taking over’, making our presence felt as a cover supervisor and balancing all the different responsibilities that come with managing a classroom. In this module, we will focus more on the importance of ‘communication’ within the learning environment and its impact on what will actually be learned.

Module Four: Communication in the Classroom (Part 2)
In the previous module, you started to think about the impact you can have by the way in which you communicate in a classroom. In this final module, you will expand these ideas further to think more about non-verbal messages that can be used to communicate with and control a class. This includes a way of re-engaging a group that has become restless or jaded to ensure that an effective learning environment is maintained throughout a cover lesson.

Study time: 60 mins