Asbestos Awareness in Education

   1 CPD points
  4 modules
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This course is separated into five modules of learning:

Module One: Introduction to Asbestos
This first module explains a little about the history of asbestos, In this module, we will be setting the scene regarding asbestos by introducing the history of asbestos, where it is from, why it is used so widely, and what properties made it a universally used product across the globe. This module will also cover the legislation surrounding the use of asbestos leading up to the current legislation now in force. 

Module Two: Different Types of Asbestos
This module covers what asbestos actually is in its natural state and examines the different types of asbestos and their typical usage which will aid in identifying where asbestos might be found in a typical workplace environment.

Module Three: Uses of Asbestos
This module examines how the asbestos minerals are used in conventional products across industry, what some of these items look like and where they can be found within a workplace setting, specifically how the three main kinds of asbestos have been used, which should help learners to identify potential areas of risk in their own schools and workplace environments.

Module Four: Health Risks of Asbestos Exposure
In the next module, we will be looking at the risks that asbestos actually poses and what the health implications are following exposure to asbestos, along with the types of occupations within a school or workplace that are most susceptible to asbestos exposure.

Module Five: Asbestos Compliance in Schools
This module will look at what the current legislation regarding asbestos requires for legal compliance and also requirements for asbestos management within the workplace including what steps must be taken if asbestos is discovered. We will give examples of how this could be achieved in an Educational setting to help individuals properly manage the risk of asbestos in their environment along with sources of key information to help achieve and maintain compliance in your educational setting.

Study time: 60 mins